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What We Do

Affordable Products

Pumpkin Vines work with families to find reusable options to help minimize their impact on the environment.

To meet our goals of helping families try reusable we import low cost cloth diapers & reusable menstrual supplies. 

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Family Solutions

Pumpkin Vines loves helping families find environmentally friendly, easy solutions for daily life.

To meet our goal of helping families minimize their environmental impact we have a range of events throughout the year to support families. These events include play dates, in office parent focused events, and public events.   

Private & Group Events

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Cloth Diaper Debut

The Modern Cloth Diaper is an accessible way for families to mimize their waste production. Pumpkin Vines imports cloth diapers under the brand Diaper Addict.  


Reclaim Your Cycle

The need to dispose of menstuation products down a drain or into a landfill is gone.  Although reusable menstral options have always been available, until recently, Americans have not had the imptus to let go of disposable.  Enter Reclaim brand imports for managing meses without the mess. 


Mechanics of Motherhood

When we consider more natural ways to parent sometime we don't have the time to really look at our options to reduce our enviormental footprint.  Natural Parenting is a process.  Our content and events provide local or eco-friendly ways to enter into a more natural way to live with your family.  Our story provides a look into how one family makes changes to become battery free.


Dad's Don't Babysit

When the Pumpkin Vines concept was created we acknolwledge that dads are treated like B-Rated stars in American society.  As the company has developed we continue to acknoledge that dads play a vial role in helping littles reach their full potentioal. The Dads Don't Babysit line works to help others see that a parent's role in raising a battery free baby is not religated to mothers.

Pumpkin Vines

Our Product & Services

Pumpkin Vines LLC is a family oriented company.  

Reusable Cloth Diapers

Diaper Addict

The purpose of our line of cloth diapers is to help introduce modern cloth diapers to more families in our area at an affordable price. Our patterns reflect a growing community of cloth diaper families.

Natural Baby Expo

Information Sessions

The New England Natural Baby Expo is a chance for families to learn about the range of options for minimizing the families impact with a new child. From Battery-Free information sessions to story time, speakers will help families meet their individual goals

Reusable Menstrual Products

Reduce. Reuse. Reclaim

The purpose of our line of reusable menstrual supplies it to help introduce people to washable menstrual care at an affordable price. With a range of styles we hope many can find a cup or pad to fit their lifestyle.

Outdoor Family Market

Shopping Local

Shopping local is a cornerstone to the Pumpkin Vines Mission. We want to give North Shore families a chance to meet local entrepreneurs, artisans and working parents. Our Family markets are a fun community event. We do our best to share other local companies with the same vision.

Shipping and Delivery is Available to Limited Locations Including:
Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania