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We do our best to keep our social media accounts up to date.  

Pumpkin Vines Facebook Page

Our main social media page is our Facebook page for Pumpkin Vines.

You can find out more about local events for exhibitors and families by following the link below.

New Englanf Family Market

Diaper Addict Brand Page

Although Pumpkin Vines has a number of brands, the only one that you will find indepentent on Social Media is Diaper Addict.  This is where you will find all of our family and baby focused events. 

Pumpkin Vines on Social Media

Pumpkin Vines

Partnering With Us

New England Family Market & Natural Baby Expo on Social Media

New England Family Market

Exhibiting With Us

Event Updates

Diaper Addict on Social Media

Diaper Addict Page

Personal Inspiration

Tweeting about reusing

Every Day Life

Brave Topics on Social Media

brave Topics Page

Sexuality Materials

Speaking & Influencer 

Brave Communication

Visual Communication 

A Glimps @ Facebook

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